Aviation Data

This is a database of aviation waypoints and routes.

It consists of:

All data is sourced from U.S. FAA FADDS (Flight Data Center) products, or NGS data.

NOT FOR NAVIGATION. This isn't anything but a toy, people.

See the Design Notes for information on the schema and how to access the data.

Download Tools

The tools used to build the complete set of data are released as an open-source LGPL distribution.

avdata-0.2.5.tar.gz 450KB

Download Data - Current Cycle

Effective 0901Z 24 JUL 2014
To 0901Z 18 SEP 2014
File Size Format
routes_24JUL2014_db.zip 4.6 MB SQLite
routes_24JUL2014.db.bz2 4.2 MB SQLite
routes_24JUL2014.db.gz 4.6 MB SQLite
routes_24JUL2014.zip 2.4 MB CSV
routes_24JUL2014.tar.bz2 2.0 MB CSV
routes_24JUL2014.tar.gz 2.4 MB CSV
routes_24JUL2014_gb.zip 1.2 MB Stanford Graphbase
routes_24JUL2014.gb.gz 1.2 MB Stanford Graphbase
routes_24JUL2014.gb.bz2 1.1 MB Stanford Graphbase
nav_24JUL2014.bed 7.6 MB Big Endian binary
nav_24JUL2014.led 7.6 MB Little Endian binary

Download Data - Next Cycle

Effective 0901Z 18 SEP 2014
To 0901Z 13 NOV 2014
File Size Format
routes_18SEP2014_db.zip 4.7 MB SQLite
routes_18SEP2014.db.bz2 4.3 MB SQLite
routes_18SEP2014.db.gz 4.7 MB SQLite
routes_18SEP2014.zip 2.4 MB CSV
routes_18SEP2014.tar.bz2 2.0 MB CSV
routes_18SEP2014.tar.gz 2.4 MB CSV
routes_18SEP2014_gb.zip 1.2 MB Stanford Graphbase
routes_18SEP2014.gb.gz 1.2 MB Stanford Graphbase
routes_18SEP2014.gb.bz2 1.1 MB Stanford Graphbase
nav_18SEP2014.bed 7.8 MB Big Endian binary
nav_18SEP2014.led 7.8 MB Little Endian binary